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 AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review

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Dedicated Mao Fan
Dedicated Mao Fan

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PostSubject: AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review   Mon May 02, 2011 7:48 pm

Amidst the politicking, endless fan wars, obviously biased judging and bizarre going-ons in the small world of figure skating, only one star shines brightly... Asada Mao!

So I created a thread where posters can comment on the things that happened last season before finally saying hello to the next one.

Highlights? Lowest points? Most emotional moments? Most surreal happenings? Worst costumes? Post whatever!

But of course, don't forget to say thank you to Mao for spoiling us so much. It was such hard work and it was painful at times to see her struggling, but her bravery was touching. Thank you Mao!

Quickie because I am lazy:

Mao being coached by the Satos - Skate CHANada (because it was too funny!) - Artistry on Ice - Mao's 20th birthday- Mao Asada Fan Forums Bday Project! - Comeback at Nationals - Incredible 3A at 4CC - Alissa's Amazing Year - Miki's even MORE Amazing Year - Postponement of Worlds - Worlds at Moscow - Nobu and the Zayak Project *cry* - Daisuke at Worlds Sad - Taka-chan at Worlds Razz - Yuna's Arirang - Bronze for Shibutanis - Mao and the Satos at K&C during FS

Thread title inspired by a post by sapphiresky BTW.
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Triple Flip
Triple Flip

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PostSubject: Re: AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review   Mon May 02, 2011 8:55 pm

Great thread, klarification!

For me the best things from this season:
* Mao finally finding a perfect coach
* Mao's Ballade (I like her lp too, but this exhibition program is truly a masterpiece)
* Miki dominating the whole year (was sooo happy for her at the end)
* Mao making the world team at nationals
* Takahiko becoming the top Japanese man and staring the rivalry with Chan at this world championship
* New pair team Volosochar/Trankov living up to the expectations and becoming silver medalists at their first worlds together
* Russian wonderbabies Lisa and Adelina dominating junior competitions
* Alissa and Carolina comeback stories

Most emotional moments:
* The biggest one by far is the tragedy in Japan and rescheduling the world championship
* Yuna and Orser split, Yuna's return at worlds
* Mao's condition at worlds
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Triple Axel
Triple Axel

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PostSubject: Re: AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review   Tue May 03, 2011 12:20 am

Awww Thank You klarification! And Thanks for starting this thread, it's an awesome idea! I just love the love in this forum!

Best things for me:
- Seeing Mao grow from one competition to the next (2 jumps at NHK, 3 jumps at TEB, then most at nationals, then beautiful jumps at 4CC & World's- including the best 3A ever!)

- Seeing Mao proving all the naysayers wrong- She made the impossible possible! Who says that you can't rework your jumps if you're Olympic Silver Medalist + Two time World Champion

- Seeing beautiful programs this season that really touched me

- Commentators being nice to Mao

- Being on this forum, and sharing my feelings with all of you

- Shipping! Hehehehe (Mao and Taka just get married already!) Many Hearts
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Triple Loop
Triple Loop

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PostSubject: Re: AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review   Tue May 03, 2011 12:52 am

Great thread!

For me, these were the highlights:

-First and foremost, the wonder of seeing Mao overcome yet again. It takes years to do what she's attempting, but she's amazed us with the progress she's made even in such a short amount of time.

-The switch to Sato. It may still be a little early to judge, but I have a feeling this may prove to be one of the best moves of her career. I love the way she interacts with both Satos, and I believe they are a steadying influence on her. She couldn't be in better hands as far as improving her basic skating skills, and this, perhaps more than anything else, will help her in the long run. (And of course, she and Taka-chan can learn much from each other... Razz)

-Ballade #1. It is now my favorite EX of hers. Ever. Each time I see it, it worms its way deeper into my heart. It is a masterpiece, a brilliant blend of performance and choreography which she always skates from the heart. I love, love, love this program! Love Hearts

-4CC showed us what may be the best Liebestraum we'll see, depending on whether she keeps it or not. It was a magical performance, and I will never tire of watching it.


As for the low points of the year, there were a number of them...but of course the lowest by far was the devastation wrought by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We may be fans of skating, but something like that serves to bring the real world back into perspective for all of us. While on the one hand it reminds us how cruel Mother Nature can be, on the other it reminds us how fortunate most of us are in our daily lives, and how much we can give to help our fellow human beings in need.
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Triple Flip
Triple Flip

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PostSubject: Re: AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review   Tue May 03, 2011 8:28 am

Oh so much to say..
Its definitely a special year for me - as I followed Mao's competitions from Nationals to Worlds!

I guess - the main highlight has been the discovery of this lovely forum dedicated to our Mao!
It was almost christmas and I knew Mao would be skating - I was somewhat afraid to check her wiki page -
fearing she'd be unable to make it in the short for nationals! - You can all guess my best christmas gift in 2010!
Yes yes Mao making the national team! Very Happy

I followed and joined in here - I tried to keep up with the posts...
Stalked older posts - and discovered so many fans of Mao! Smile

Best things this season -
- Mao making the national team!
- Moving away from Tat to Satao (which I feel will be beneficial for her)
- Her FP! Seriously - The best I've seen her skate for the last two years...(what we saw at 4CC was MAGIC just like illani pointed out!)
- Her FP costume! - Such a airy and fairy-ish feel to it!
- Mao's determination!
- All the time we spent going all nervous - thinking we won't make it! - But we still did altogether! Smile
- Mao's jumps! Making every bow infront of her will power!
- Taka-Mao! (SERIOUSLY! Very Happy)
- Yuna's comeback and her FP which is no less than Mao's long program!
- Those extraordinary performances of skaters at worlds! .....{seriously I could go on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

Bad things...
- The crisis in Japan! Sad
- Mao's SP - EVERYTHING about it! The music, the costumes, the choreogreaphy - Mao's worse pro! -_-
- The men FP at worlds! Neutral - Like seriously what happened...
- Mao's pre-nationals competitions - where she was almost in tears :'(
- Worlds for Mao - The issues she had...- Seriously - I cried after the SP - I was so into it - I really felt - skating was over for me!
I guess - I'll stop here!
I just hope Mao does well - she eats and stays fit! and comes back as fire! Smile Smile
Gambare Mao! Smile
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Dedicated Mao Fan
Dedicated Mao Fan

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PostSubject: Re: AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review   Tue May 03, 2011 8:30 am


+ Mao's silver medals @ Japanese nationals and 4CC.
+ Mao's Liebestraume and Ballade #1
+ Taka's silver medal @ worlds and Sato-sensei's rapture with arms high up in the air. (I want to see it again two times in Sochi.)
+ Team Sato!
+ Taka's LP (@TEB & worlds), Abbott's SP and FP (@NHK), Mura's LP (@natinals)
+ Worlds in Moscow. I loved the opening ceremony and gala exhibition closing, which showed a lot of love and concern to the victims in Japan. Also, a message from Russinan Federation was read at the end of broadcast on pay-TV. (Fuji TV didn't show that heartwarming message. ) Thank you so much Russia, the people and Putin-san!
+ THE ICE I want to go to this ice show this year too!

Lowest points
- $peedy laughing at Dai's equipment trouble. I suspect him of tampering with Dai's boot ... for creating a drama or eliminating one of three. Just kidding
- Nobu ... very, very sad I don't think Nobu will be underscored by judges even if he is considered #3 in the future because he never fails to blow up.
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Triple Flip
Triple Flip

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PostSubject: Re: AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review   Tue May 03, 2011 2:42 pm

Mao at 4CC
Ballade #1
Dress for Ballade #1
Taka at worlds

NHK (but she had a nice hairdo for the Gala)
Unfair downgrades at worlds
Mao so skinny at worlds Sad
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PostSubject: Re: AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review   

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AMAOZING YEAR ★ 2010-2011 Season Review
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