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 US Pairs

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Triple Axel
Triple Axel

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PostSubject: US Pairs   Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:05 pm

I thought I'd start a topic for the constant state of.... let's just call it "I can't stay with my partner for extended periods of time" syndrome. Here is the latest one. It looks like Ladwig is going to retire.


Also, what is the US's obsession with pairing people with HUGE age differences? When Rockne and Mary Beth got together, they were about ten years apart. Caydee Denney/Jeremy Barret were eight years apart. Coughlin/Yankowskas were one of the best as they were ONLY six years apart. Mark Ladwig and Lindsey Davis are about ten years apart as well. How do you skate with someone either WAY more mature than you or the exact opposite? I just don't get it. Thankfully, Castelli/Shnapir are only three years apart.

Speaking of pairs skating, here is an interview with Caitlin Yankowskas. It answers a lot of questions as to what happened with Coughlin. It seems like Caydee did have a tryout before worlds based on the rumors flying around the rink right after nationals, but Caitlin can't confirm that. Also, she was extremely adamant later on in the interview of "I think it's wrong to break up a partnership just because I think I'd be a better fit for them. I mean, I'd think - wow, they'd be a great partner for me, too bad they are already with someone - but I'd never act on that."

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US Pairs
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