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 the second Polish article about the world champs

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PostSubject: the second Polish article about the world champs   Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:54 am

Yesterday I translated and sent the article which was written after FS in Turin. Today I'm sending an article which was written after ladies' SP in Turin:


Both of these articles were writen for portal "rp". Rp (the abbreviation of the word "Rzeczpospolita") is one of the most respected Polish medias- it's one of the biggest company which deals in spreading information. The newsapaper "Rzeczpospolita" first time was released in 1920(!) and now 49% of this company belongs to National company, so believe me: words which were used in both articles are as cautious as it is possible- even though many of you can have an impression they have on purpose to run Yuna down.

Here is an article:

<"Consternation in Turin- olympic champion far away

Short program of ladies skaters In Turin turned out the real sensation. Olympic champion Yu Na Kim has only seventh place.

After unsuccessful short program Yu Na Kim spread her arms in sign of helplessness. Even though stuck smile didn’t leave her face also in “kiss and cry” area she had to be surprised with her notes. Korean who was Breaking world records time after time suddenly loses 10 point to leader Mirai Nagasu. She wasn’t “Bond’s girl” who we got to know before. Even though Korean ended her program with her usual smile, it was easy to see she’s not a machine. Brian
Orser didn’t even try to justify her, he admitted his ward was de-concentrated. Yu Na Queen didn’t fall, but there were moments in her program when she seemed to be absent (I don’t know how to translate it- in this case “absent” means she seemed to think about something different, not skating during performing her SP). Entrance to layback spin and- one spin. Doing spirals sequence she faltered showing and effect of “dying swan”. Korean seemed to be out of air. But Yu Na is capable of doing everything. Finally she won an Olympic gold being 23 points ahead of Mao Asada.

Mirai Nagasu, who is a leader after SP has many reasons to be happy. She is ahead of Mao Asada by 2 points. Judges found a mistake in outstanding performance of Japanese. Triple axel, which is the jump only Asada can do was downgraded. A big joy of figure skater (Mao) was replaced by big surprise. Both: competitor and her trainer didn’t try to hide their astonishment. This program seemed to be as good as her program in Vancouver. It seemed that Japanese would get notes similar to her personal best, but it didn’t happen. It wasn’t first time when her triple axel was variously classified (variously classified- I again didn’t know how to translate it. An author means 3A was downgraded but suggests that it shouldn’t be). Theoretically "quarter of turn" should decide about downgrading jump but it doesn’t. Practically the most important thing is “when” and “in which” competitons competitor does it.

Today notes of judges were very strange. It’s a pity that skaters who didn’t try to do difficult elements or made mistakes are only a few points behind Japanese. Judges often saved them thanks to high marks for components, which Kim and Asada do incomparably better. It easy to understand why judges gave so high notes to Carolina Kostner who is competing in home country, but scores of Laura Lepisto from Finland who is constantly overscored in every event is unexplained (the last sentence was difficult to translate- anyway author wrote that he/she understand that judges gave Kostner high scores because WC were in Italy, but doesn’t understand other scores, like this one of Lepisto which was incredibly high).

The fact, that after announcement of many scores in Panavela in Turin there was easy to hear the silence or “boo” instead of applause is very suggestive. One word- consternation

Tomorrow we will get to know medalists">
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the second Polish article about the world champs
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